Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something Else My Dad Said

I forgot about something interesting my Dad told me when I came out to him. When I was expressing my feelings of "not fitting" sexually with Hubby and always hating sex, my dad said, "You know, your mom always hated sex. She wouldn't ever get close to me. She hated everything about it. Sometimes I wonder if she liked women better."

That was a little eye opening since I have sometimes wondered the same thing. She had some painful and serious issues with men in her lifetime and she also had some very close friendships with women. But there was the fact that she had affairs with men as well, at least one confirmed but others suspected. Now that I think of it, maybe it was just her relationship with my dad that was terrible and she liked sex after all. Who knows. I just think it's funny that my dad has wondered about my mother's orientation at times and told me as much.

You never know!

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Nikki said...

Sometimes people who are questioning their sexuality go looking. They go looking for that person of the opposite sex who will be "the one" they really enjoy being with. "The one" who will make them not feel gay. Not sure if that is the case with your mom but it does happen!