Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Bigger Meaning

I've recently begun chatting with a woman who stumbled onto my blog. It's been a nice reminder of the reason I initially began to write.

Listening to each other and sharing our stories is vital in this crazy process! How easy it is to feel all alone, being a gay Mormon. It's hard enough to notice differences between the "type" of member you are compared to the bishop's family, or the RS/EQ President. "Oh my goodness - I watch TV on Sundays but the bishop's family has no screen time AND they play board games together." But when you think about the drastic difference between being hetero/homosexual in the Mormon church, or even in your neighborhood, it's hard to feel understood, accepted, and worthy.

We HAVE to reach out to each other. We have to share and to empathize. Who better to understand and to support than those who have survived the same thing? We can share ideas with each other about what has worked and what hasn't. We can carefully listen to a heart that is breaking because they're just beginning the process. We can truly understand the idea of falling away from the church because of the impossible reconciliation between Mormonism/homosexuality. We can let go of judgment and shake our heads in complete appreciation for what they're going through. We can be a friend.

My original intent in writing this blog was to provide help, in even the slightest of way, to someone who may be going through the same thing. I'm glad for the reminder that this blog can actually be that for someone.

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