Tuesday, December 27, 2011

LOVE ... and Change

I'm feelin' it.


Never been happier.

My girlfriend is absolutely amazing! She and I are similar in so many ways and she brings so much happiness to my every day. She is considerate and loving and she values communication as much as I do. She enjoys spending time with me and always says the best things! My favorite thing about her: the way she loves me so entirely. I'm so blessed.

My husband and I have agreed to divorce but remain living in the same house so that we can continue to raise our children together. He knows my girlfriend and he approves. He's actually happy for me that I've found someone. I look forward to him finding someone to love as well, although he's extremely nervous about the dating scene. The second he puts himself out there he'll find all sorts of women. The moment they realize that he's the entire package, he'll have to fight them off with a stick. I'm confident that he'll find a lovely woman who will love him the way he deserves to be loved. I'm very excited even thinking about it. At the same time I'm jealous - how silly is that? I hope to be as gracious with him as he has been with me.

Our lives continue to change almost daily. We've known for a while that this would be our eventuality, but now that it's here it's almost surprising. But not really. We both want this, we just don't really know how to do it. Our number one concern is how this will damage the kids the least. It will be hard and they will hate it, but we hope to soften each blow any way we can. Once we visit with our mediator our divorce could be final within two months. That's quick! I want to give it a little time so that we can get away from the holidays... because I don't want my kids to always have this memory at what is supposed to be a happy time. I'm trying to control every little situation so that everything will be as perfect as possible... but I'm afraid it will blow up in my face. But how could I, as a parent, not try to do everything in my power to make this transition as smooth as possible for my three children?

So my life, my relationships, my every day is continuing to evolve. It scares the crap out of me, but I'm ready.


Wendy said...

You are a good and kind person. Your heart is so right. Things will work out okay.

You really are very blessed.

FindingMyWay said...

Thanks for the kindness.