Monday, March 19, 2012

Disciplinary Council

My girlfriend has her disciplinary council this Wednesday evening. Our hearts are very heavy at this time and I would ask that you keep her in your prayers. She has a bishop who loves her and has tried to be very understanding for years. He has worked with her in regards to her homosexuality and has been a very good resource for her. Unfortunately, we feel as though he will feel bound by policy and will believe it's necessary to excommunicate her. She is aware that there needs to be a consequence for her actions (having a married girlfriend, not simply because she's gay or even acting on her feelings) but worries that an excommunication will be so final. Generally an excommunicated member of the church can change their ways and come back into full fellowship... if she is excommunicated she doesn't see a way back because she is at a place where she is unwilling to give up this part of herself. Yet she loves the gospel, loves the Lord, loves being committed to spirituality and what she believes to be true.

I believe this experience will be a teaching moment for many people. The words that she plans to share will inevitably touch the hearts of the brethren who are in the room. I believe in even some small way that she will change the hearts of many through her example of faithfulness.

Please keep her in your prayers at this time. It's a difficult thing to go through and her heart will undoubtedly break if excommunication is the outcome. She's strong and beautiful and has many people who love her. No matter the outcome I'm positive she'll handle it well and will go forward as she always has, with a dedication to her Savior and His church. She will not shy away as many people have who are in the same situation. She will hold her head high and will continue to serve in any way that she can. I am proud of her and the strength she shows. Please read her latest blog entry, as it touched my heart in such a profound way.

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Jessica said...

My best wishes to her. Tough stuff.