Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Ex Had His First Date

Just as suspected, the moment word got out that exH is now single, the phones started ringing. And by phones, I mean Facebook messages, of course. While he was waiting for his date to show up last night (they met at a restaurant) another woman sent him a message asking him out.

He has been asking dating advice over the past week. Uhhhh, weird!! I had some words of advice, such as "don't kiss or hold hands on the first date," and "don't seem angry about the church... you should share your very real experience, but bashing the church would probably be a turn off," and "never, under any circumstance, EVER tell me that your date is funnier than I am." He was a nervous wreck, but everything went well.

In a funny turn of events, I met this woman tonight at a MoHo party. I observed her for a bit (stalker like??) and after an hour or so she asked Kim and I where we were from. When we told her, Kim asked, "have you made the connection yet?" We told her that she went out with exH last night. We all had a good laugh and then talked all about their date. She seems like a great gal and I'm glad that exH had a good time. They both agreed that it feels good to know that the other person completely understands their situation. I've known it will take someone special to understand and accept our unique circumstance, so I'm really glad he's starting to meet people.

I have always thought I would be extremely jealous of anyone he dated, but I'm surprisingly okay with it. I even find myself hoping that he asks more women out. It's wonderful to see his entire countenance change because he realizes he's not alone. He's been so lonely and has just wanted someone to talk to. I'm happy for him.

It's still weird though and probably will be for a while.

This afternoon my daughter told my 14 year old son, "ewwww... do you realize that if dad remarries we could have step brothers and sisters??!!" Then I said, "Do you realize that if I remarry you could have step brothers and sisters??!!" They both laughed a bit and we moved on. It's nice to see them making light of all of it. It's refreshing after having such heavy conversations for the past couple of years.

Well, that's my report on the newest changes in our lives. I'll just end with saying that it's the greatest feeling in the world to see exH opening up and being adventurous in this way. He deserves someone great but until then I hope he has a lot of fun dating.

Yep, still weird.

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Trev said...

:). I enjoyed this very positive post and found it humorous. I'm so happy things are going well for you all! Your husband sounds amazing and it's great things seem to be working out.

Life is just _weird_, isn't it? But interesting!